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Psychedelic Kaleidoscope.

Psychedelic Kaleidoscope.
The collision of global culture has created a new trend of a very vigorous hybrid swimsuit. The South American pattern is combined with all the traditional African textiles and has no borders. Traditional African fabrics and prints are used in modern and sexy swimsuit modeling, with a combination of moderate tailoring and long sleeve design, presenting a very attractive fusion appearance.
Tropical Green Plant
Natural elements are everywhere this season, palm leaves and pineapple patterns continue to be popular in swimwear, and forests are the inspiration for global prints and patterns. Leaves play a more important role this season, comparing with flowers, this kind of modelling is often with the color palette that is dominated by dense forest tone, the blue, green and yellow are the most important for men and women.
1970‘s Stripe
The feeling of nostalgia brings comfort and intimacy to the swimsuit, catering to the needs of the wider consumer for the slow tempo. Stripe, geometry revitalize the 1970s, this modelling is greatly inspired by city street outfit, which can use science and technology sports fabric to add its function, the classic wave spots and stripes were added. With a high waist and bikini top and a casual shirt, a retro and modern beach look were created.